What is digital printing?

Digital printing, also known as Direct To Garment (DTG) is the process of printing the ink into the shirt. The ink dyes into the fabric, so you can't feel the print and your shirts stay soft. Print any CMYK color known to man. However, it does not print white ink. This means the print won't show up on dark garments such as black, navy, brown, etc. Think of it as printing a family portrait onto colored paper. Anything white in the image will become the color of the paper. DTG works best on white or light colored garments such as a khaki or light tan.

Is there a minimum order required?

Digital Prints do not require a minimum order. From 1 to 1,000 we can do it.

We can supply the shirts for you or you can bring your own.

Why digital instead of screen print?

Digital Prints allow full color prints. So if you're needing a photograph or a painting onto a shirt, this is the way to go. A full spectrum of colors can be achieved with this process.

Samples of a digital on colored shirts

How much are digital prints?

$17.00 for a one side print

$22.00 for a two sided print

$5.00 for any additional locations

Any specifications for digital prints?

  • Maximum print area of 14" x 16"
  • CMYK Colors
  • Works best on White or Light Colors
  • Can mix and match shirt colors
  • Wash in cold water and hang dry to keep it long lasting


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